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St John's Catholic

Primary School

In God's Love We Shine Together



St John's Catholic

Primary School

In God's Love We Shine Together

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Building Learning Power

Our Learning Heroes!

At St John's Primary School we believe that developing a growth mindset is fundamental in achieving our potential. Our four learning heroes; Hardy Hedgehog, Solver Squirrel, Harmonious Hare and Reflective Robin, empower us to develop the characteristics of effective learning so that we can be successful learners. A true growth mindset changes failure into a gift, it is the belief that intellectual skills can be cultivated and not being discouraged by failure. 



Meet Hardy Hedgehog. 
He is resilient and always tries his hardest in his learning. He perseveres and strives for accuracy.






Meet Solver Squirrel.

She is resourceful and ready to learn in different ways. She thinks carefully, predicts and makes a plan, making links with what she already knows.





Meet Harmonious Hare.

She is reciprocal and works well in a team and on her own. She knows how to be flexible and compromise when working together. 





Meet Reflective Robin.

He is reflective and revisits his learning to make improvements. He understands that feedback helps us to grow and that editing and refining is an important part of the learning process.