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St John's Catholic

Primary School

In God's Love We Shine Together



St John's Catholic

Primary School

In God's Love We Shine Together

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25th March

In class this week, we are having a big focus on handwriting and spellings. 


Year 1 and 2 have been working really hard to develop their precursive skills and trying to perfect their 'ascenders and descenders'. I would encourage all children to log on to 'Letterjoin' at home (if they are able to) and continue practising their lead in lines. 



Please note that our spellings are available online every week and it's always useful to look back on older spellings to consolidate previous learning. Children in class do have their own EdShed login details that I uploaded onto SeeSaw under 'activities'. 


In Maths, Year 1 have moved onto their new unit: Length and height. They have shown a real interest in measuring using non-standard measures such as multi-link cubes. We have been thinking about using the correct vocabulary such as longer and shorter. 

Year 2 are still working hard with their 'Shape' unit in Maths. We are paying particular focus on 2D shapes this week and looking closely at counting sides and vertices, looking for lines of symmetry and sorting 2D shapes.


We have also been going through some 'Mock SATS' this week. I would encourage further practise at home; I have uploaded the previous years SATS papers to our class page.


In computing we have been looking at grouping data using a computer; we had to use many skills to group different shapes according to their properties. It can take a lot of practise to put different skills together to use a mouse on a computer and get used to different applications.


Following on from our Science lesson last week, we are looking at the structure of animals and labelling different parts of their body.  Could you label all of the parts of a horse? Do you know which part of the horse lets the horse
breathe and helps to filter dust? 






A big well done to our star of the week Callie-Mae!